RCAF Hockey

Hello and welcome 

I would like to present 100 pictures from my Royal Canadian Air Force 1 Air Division Europe collection. You can see ashtrays, unit-crest-beersteins, coffeecups, hockey pins, hockey programme and many more. I get over the past years various items from the following Canadian Forces Bases:

RCAF 1 Air Division Metz, France

RCAF 1  (F) Wing Marville, France

RCAF 2 (F) Wing Grostenquin, France

RCAF 3 (F) Wing Zweibrücken, Germany

RCAF 4 (F) Wing Baden Söllingen, Germany

RCAF 1 Air Division Lahr, Germany

CFB 1 Canadian Air Group  Baden Söllingen, Germany

Canadian Armed Forces Base Lahr, Germany

Royal Canadian Army Station Soest,Hemer and Werl, Germany

The picture on this side was taken at the "good bye Zweibrücken-ceremony" in the Rosengarten on May 31th, 1969. The totempole was a gift from the Canadian Government to the citizens of Zweibrücken.

I would like to thank all the people, who helped me, to build this collection;    especially Jürgen Meier, Fritz Carius and Jürgen Gies.

I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Jürgen König, Zweibrücken. Home of  R C A F 3 Wing 1953-1969